After leaving the Police Department in 2016, Andy set out to start a company that would not only provide the highest levels of security, but also raise the bar for the level of training available to the public, law enforcement and the military. After observing the disconnect between law enforcement and the general public and the overall lack of tactical knowledge and ability, it became clear that the current providers did not make the cut. Prior to working in law enforcement, he served in many protection capacities all over the United States and the world employed as a close protection agent and PMC, working in accordance with the United Nations, the French Foreign Legion NGOs and other entities. Pulling from relationships built and lessons learned, Andy set out to build a network of professionals capable of providing an unrivaled level of overall protection and training.


In 1986, Keith started his career in law enforcement with St. Louis County. After a couple of years, he transitioned over to Maryland Heights Police Department where he spent the duration of his career. During his 31 years in law enforcement, Keith served his department and his community in various roles including, but not limited to: teaching at the St. Louis County Police Academy, serving as a multi-assault counter terrorism action capabilities instructor, a firearms instructor focusing on tactical rifle applications and as a homicide investigator. He also served on the SWAT team where he took charge and executed search warrants throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and surrounding counties, which involved working extensively with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He also taught constitutional law at the police academy, which has assisted Peacemaker Defense Group as we continue to build our training courses for law enforcement. In Keith’s retirement, his goal is to provide continued education for law enforcement with the goal of implementing an entirely new approach to the way of managing  police.


Beginning his career in the Royal Dutch Army, Marvin served with an elite airborne assault unit. During his time in the Army, he operated in many capacities until transfering to Special Forces Branch Hilversum. Here Marvin flourished, completing extensive training and conditioning in hot weather, jungle terrain, desert terrain, cold weather, and mountains in collaboration with Royal Dutch Marines, KCT (Dutch Special Forces) and the French Foreign Legion. He also served as a tactical dive operator and completed numerous joint special operations missions with foreign elements. After leaving the Army, he began contracting and teaching at the European Security Academy, where he trains operators on tactical medical applications, specialized warfare and close protection. Marvin’s role as a contractor has once again taken him all over the world, often finding himself in remote places like Africa or the jungles of Latin America. He is also fluent in 6 languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.


While in the Marine Corps, Steven led the 2nd squad of the machine gun section, consisting of 6 Marines. through rigorous training in preparation for deployment to the southern Helmand Province, Afghanistan, during their deployment and after returning stateside. His unit cleared and held the Taliban stronghold of the Garmsir District. They conducted day and night patrols and raids for HVTs in the area. They conducted route clearance, mobile QRF and long range foot patrol missions. Also while in Afghanistan, Steven regularly gave instruction on machine guns and machine gun employment to Golf Company, 2nd Battalion 8th Marine Regiment. He served as SAW gunner and radio operator for 3rd squad 2nd platoon during training and deployment to Ramadi, Iraq.


Steven trained Iraqi police officers on weapons proficiency, room clearing procedures and day and night patrolling standard operating procedures. He performed joint search and capture missions with the Iraqi police. During this deployment, he also provided protective security for visiting U.S. diplomats around the city of Ramadi, Iraq.


After the Marine Corps, Steven served as a Protective Security Specialist assigned to an Emergency Response Team at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Responsible for maintaining weapons qualifications, he continually perfected his work with the Glock 19, M4 Rifle, M240 and M249. While assigned to a team, he helped with the security of convoy movements, Embassy protection and peripheral security of Ambassador movements. He participated in regular training exercises and reactionary drills while taking instruction from his SL/TL. Steven also serves on the Embassy Liaison Unit providing close physical protection of individuals and facilitating entry of VIP visitors, including high-level foreign diplomats to the embassy compound. As a member of ELU, his primary responsibility was providing close protection of senior American diplomats in Kabul, Afghanistan. His secondary responsibilities included providing personal security to diplomats during meetings and high-profile events on the US Embassy grounds, as well as close protection during times of alarm or imminent threat.


Steven executed these duties through coordination with State Department officials, foreign protective security details and the Embassy guard force. He provided armed security for multiple venues, conducted advances and security planning on newly obtained venues and he conducted periodic security training classes to evaluate and educate fellow employees. 


After spending four years in the United States Marine Corps conducting countless combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of a Mobile Assault Platoon, Alex was tasked with training Marines in various forms of specialized warfare. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2010, he continued his service by providing close protection services for wealthy families, corporate officers and media personalities in Hollywood, California. Driven to a higher purpose, he decided to leave his position in Hollywood and travel back overseas to Kabul, Afghanistan. There he worked as a member of the Embassy Liaison Unit providing close protection for the Secretary of State, The First Lady of Afghanistan and US Ambassadors. Alexander provided these services for the next five years, working directly with Diplomatic Security Services and other agencies. Currently, Alex serves as the Vice President of Peacemaker Defense Group. Pulling from his first-hand knowledge of special warfare and close protection to provide Peacemaker Defense Group with expertise, training and direction.


Sean is a DOD/DHS clearable professional & project manager with over 10 years in both continental and international intelligence and business operations. After his career in the Army, he transitioned over to the private sector where he contracted with various agencies. His experience ranges from operations in the intelligence government community with organizations such as Special Operations Command to project management for government and commercial entities.


Sean’s business experience includes handling international clients from various countries (China, India and the UK), business strategy, and planning and managing multimillion-dollar projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains. An excellent communicator; he leverages his technical, business and financial acumen to communicate effectively with client executives and their respective teams. 


Sean’s involvement in intelligence operations span from different experiences while serving on several inter-agency task forces with both the intelligence community and federal law enforcement, which has led to multiple deployments overseas. He has acted as the representative or lead for many different agencies. His skills in the IC span from human and counter-intelligence, interrogations, all source analysis, targeting, watch duties, counter terrorism, cyber terrorism and criminal investigations. His experience also includes training intelligence processes, procedures and systems.


Starting in the Navy, Michael went on to become a Navy SEAL. During his time as a SEAL he served on Seal Team 8 as a lead sniper, and ordinance and diver representative. During his career he planned and led multiple special warfare operations, and conducted joint and combined counterintelligence operations. Michael trained and developed small groups of US Army Scouts and Iraqi army soldiers to conduct multiple sniper operations. He also planned and led numerous high-risk combat mobility patrols throughout multiple overseas theatres of war. During the Iraq war, he conducted numerous security details and provided mission planning for other government agencies. Later on, Michael taught lead breacher courses for the German, Swedish and Danish Special Forces.